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Slideshow of photos by Symbolic Sound:

Allison Pickett @ KISS2012

Allison Pickett controlling Kyma with Emotiv neuro-headset at KISS2012

Thanks to Al DiBlasi for providing hours of second camera angle video for KISS 2012!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

  • 10:00 Master class: Introduction to Sound Design in KymaCarla Scaletti
  • 15:00 Hands-on Kyma Sound Design LabTeams take on sound design challenges. For everyone from experts to newcomers. Share your expertise! (Music Technology Lab)

Friday, September 14, 2012

  • 10:00 WelcomeScott Miller & Kristian Twombly
  • 10:15 Reel Time, Real TimeCarla Scaletti
  • 11:00 Low/No Latency: Ring Modulator Revisited - Pete Johnston
  • 12:30 Performing Sound to Picture for Video Game Sound DesignMike Johnson
  • 15:00 Interventional Simulated Annealing - John Mantegna
  • 15:30 Palimpsests & Hidden Agendas, lecture demonstration – Philip Curtis
  • 16:30 Hands-on Live Cinema Lab - integrating sound and image in live performance, led by film maker Theo Lipfert. (Music Technology Lab)
  • 19:00 Concert of Live Kyma Performances, Ruth Gant Recital Hall
    • Impression of Tibet, Hua Sun
    • Tessellation Rag, Stephen Ruppenthal & Brian Belet
    • Appalasia, Mark Phillips (Tsun-Hui Hung, erhu)
    • Topographic Timepiece, Michael Wittgraf (Jesse Langen, guitar)
    • Boc’ca, Andrea Young
    • Lariat Rituals, Jeffrey Stolet

Saturday, September 15, 2012

  • 10:00 How to Compose with Kyma: Designing an instrument and evaluating how the design and the nature of interdependent variables, fly-by-wire and dynamic control hierarchies, and interaction affect what you do (and, by the way, what do we mean by ‘interaction’?) – Joel Chadabe
  • 11:00 Willful DevicesScott Miller & Pat O’Keefe
  • 12:00 Composers Q & AO’Keefe, Miller, Sun, Ruppenthal, Belet, Phillips, Wittgraf, Young and Stolet answer questions from the audience & each other
  • 12:30 Kyma Light Show (hold the lights)Lowell Pickett (Music Technology Lab)
  • 15:00 Kyma Confused: Chaos and the Problem of TimeMichael Wittgraf
  • 15:30 Running Expressions, lecture demonstration – Jon Bellona
  • 16:30 Open Hands-on Labask your questions, share your expertise with fellow Kyma practitioners (Music Technology Lab)
  • 19:00 Concert of Live Cinema, Ruth Gant Recital Hall
    • Chang Xiang Shou, Chi Wang
    • Selected Galaxies, Samuel Pelman
    • Utopian Interpretation, İlker Işıkyakar and E. Zoe Schutzman
    • Natural Order, Theo Lipfert
    • Interpretive Centre, Edmund Eagan
    • Face Theatre, James Brashear

Sunday, September 16, 2012

  • 10:00 Mind in the Mix: In the 21st century, the distinction between composer and sound engineer has become very blurred. Most modern composers do not have the time or inclination to become professional sound engineers, yet an understanding of these skills is very important for creating music and designing sound. – Greg Hunter
  • 11:00 Rapid Kyma Prototyping with Open Interface Workbench - Rudi Giot, Robin Godefroid, Lionel Lawson, Jacques Tichon
  • 11:45 What’s New in KymaCarla Scaletti
  • 15:00 Composers Q & APelman, Wang, Isikyakar, Schutzman, Lipfert, Eagan and Brashear answer questions from the audience & each other
  • 15:30 Using 3D Game Technologies to Implement Real Time Cinema, lecture demonstration – Marinos Giannoukakis, Stathis Crisidis, Kiriakos Marinis
  • 16:30 New Musical Instruments and Controllers Lab - Demos and hands-on experimentation with controllers and mapping, led by Continuum virtuoso Ed Eagan & Open Interface developer (and Emotiv EPOC user) Rudi Giot (Music Technology Lab)
  • 19:00 Closing Reception & Concert of Live Improvisation, Pioneer Theatre

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